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tv   [untitled]    September 12, 2010 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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public comment is closed. commissioner lee: this is a five-year lease you are proposing. i understand the ice skating rink investment. in this case, you have essentially a cart, and given that it is something they are trying new, i am thinking of having a three-year option to try and see if this is something that works. that is my thinking on a spirited >> let me make an observation.
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i think issue is what will experience tell us as we try to expand services and the park, so i would propose a short-term lease in the idea that if it works you have an asset on your hands. if it does not, we will be informed. i have another observation. it is my recollection most of the commercial businesses are on the southwest portion, and i am wondering if we might even go further and try to put this on the other side of the park so it is not competing in direct proximity to the existing businesses. i would like to see if we did
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get a specific geographic location on the other side of the park. can i ask the sponsors if that is an acceptable direction to go? >> would you come forward please? >> i would be happy with that. it is nice near the dog walking area. >> we will examine this of the end of two years, and we would restrict the proximity to the other side of the park. >> the one thing i would say is it would have to be in the opposite section of the park,
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and there might not be an appropriate location. we want to have it not located next to dolores park. >> i would like to see where you do propose to put its. i would like to think it does not have to be geographically as far away. we are trying to take advantage of the opportunity of having a shorter time frame so we can really assess this. this policy is not new, and it has been accepted we are trying to bring as many services as weekend to people in the parks, and i think anytime you do that, anyone can make a legitimate case you're going to compete with anybody in san
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francisco who is doing something similar. i am not convinced that is a bad thing, but i think you are to be respectful. >> it depends on access roads, but we understand the spirit of the suggestion that the park's three located not in the northern half or the northeastern quadrants -- that the park be located in the northern half or the northeastern quadrants, and what i can say is we will also try tune engage some of the businesses today and make sure they are comfortable. >> is there a reasonable general location for the purposes of what we are doing today? >> i think so.
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we have heard public testimony. i will give you a chance to respond. >> please come forward. >> i would like to respond i am all for the free market, but the southwestern quadrant is in the middle of the park, and i would be more comfortable with them being not in the middle of the park. >> let's not have them in the middle of the park.
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>> in the picture, it shows a red square, and i am assuming that is where the proposed location is. >> correct. >> that is in the middle of the park. >> we will work on identifying alternate locations. >> it would be further south. >> we hear their directions, and we will move it. >> we can ask them to come back with precise locations.
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>> i do not want to do anything to slow this down, but i want them to try to minimize the impact on existing businesses in terms of logistically being competitive. i happen to think the more the better has some merit, but i think if you own your business and pay your taxes and see the public gives competition, but i am trying to find a way to resolve this. time will find a much better education about this. >> do you think this can come back with a location and an updated contract moving forward? >> i would like to recommend approving it today.
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>> it will come back to the commission. the commission will give final approval contingent on the location. >> i am thinking more if we find it acceptable, it will move ford triggered -- it will move forward. if we do not, it will not. we have a motion to approve the two-year term and a location on the southwest quadrant. how can that be the center if it is a square?
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that is the center. i am talking about substantially moving away. i think we can find a resolution. i did not want to be labour the point, but shorter-term lease at a location that moves it as far as practical away from existing businesses. >> i understand. i just want to understand that you are approving the contingent, but you wanted to come back to the location? >> i want it to come back as an information item, and if the commission chooses to take action not to approve the location, they have a problem of finding an acceptable location. >> we can reject the location,
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which would come back to us. >> i would like to approve the leases for two years with an acceptable location to be determined shortly at a future meeting. is there a second? all those in favor? it is unanimous. thank you all for coming. >> we are now on item 13, which is washington square, the north beach festival of states -- festival of state -- update.
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i think we will adjourn the meeting, and then we will have information items. we are going to lose our forum, so i think i have to officially adjourn the meeting, and then we can hear public information items and presentations to the committee. i would entertain a motion to adjourn. unanimous. thank you, commissioner.
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with that, we are going to information items. >> this is what the presentation is about. in attendance was the staff and our park ranger, and promoters of the north beach festival.
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an overview, and i am going to give you a slide show. there were improvements from the impact to the site as a result of the work done last year, so remember we saw $13,000 in connection to the event. that money was used to put a better grasp in -- grass in. as a result, they were better able to withstand. the other thing that improve it was the promoter did make some changes to improve the overall impact, so the gardiner gave them a lot of feedback. the events still have some
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negative impact on the site. the food booth areas have long lines. areas of heavy congestion. the work started shortly after the even to, -- after the eave vents, and it needed to be done. -- the event, and it needed to be done. let me pull of the slide show. -- up the slide show. there we go.
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these are slides, and you will notice at the top of the page that these are slides taken before the event, and you will see before the event, there were a couple of areas identified as being damaged already. this was on the outside corner. this was before the event occurred, but here is the rest of the park, looking very beautiful. this is across the park. because we were going to hold them responsible for serious damage, but overall the park was looking really beautiful that day. a beautiful day.
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there were a few brown areas. this is an area where people play volleyball. we will come to this slide again. you can see it in the corner of this slide there are brown areas. the gardiner would describe this as the dog he area as -- pee area, where there is browning. those are the edges, and this is more of the volleyball area.
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we moved to shortly after the event. the area is still even worse. this is the area looking down over where the band play is. everybody says the park looks way better after the pavanes -- event. more pictures of the park. and this is the volleyball area, a little bit worse. this is where the food carts are, so it is brown. this is the food goes area -- booth area.
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you can see areas along the past are much browner because of heavy traffic -- path are much browner because of heavy foot traffic. here is an area with heavy foot traffic. again, foot traffic. this is much greener. this is today's after the event -- two days after the of said -- the event. now we are back to july. this is looking over the stage area. this is the volleyball area.
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this is the stage area, where we do see some impact. they are still working on this area. this is along the path, where it is recovering. the edges look worse than in the beginning the gardiner is continuing to work on it. lots of it looks good.
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we have moved back to the same spot. back to where we were. overall, there was damage due to the event. $13,000 in extra funding was received again this year. it allows for replace -- replacement of sprinklers. in terms of the event, you have
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a park that is getting a great infusion of cash but also a significant impact we are still waiting to hear from the promoters. they're exploring increased street closures. you cannot surround it and not pay for the damage to the park. the event would need to be moved several blocks away. we also believe removing the food both would significantly affect the park. they did do things to impact food traffic during a >> thank
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you. -- they could do things to impact food traffic. good >> thank you. >> this year was probably the best in terms of remediation of the grass and documentation, and moving forward, we are getting better with chronicling the damage and repair of this event. >> is there any public comment? please come forward.
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>> yes, things are better. it would be even better if we did not have a festival at all. moving the food booth out would be a big help. we could keep that in mind for next year. >> ♪ i just hope your festival turned out to write -- right ♪
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♪ everybody is dancing in the moonlight ♪ ♪ dancing in the north beach moonlight and i hope it turns out right ♪ ♪ they keep things alive, and they are going to be dancing in the moonlight ♪
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>> prior to the festival taking place, we were looking at who we would select for the festival. we figured we would have someone respected in the city. we looked at the comments of what did take place in the park and the surrounding areas. we were concerned about the impact for the areas. there were several measures we have taken to see what is it we can do to reduce the impact. we found a pretty good solution,
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but we could do better. we are not certain yet, because we have not made a full determination that we can use the park. we are not sure what direction we are heading at this point. we have had some preliminary discussions. i would like to hear from the commissioners. >> is there anyone else who would like to make public comment?
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item number 14 is accomplishments. >> technology continues to be one of our goals.
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>> this is a continuation of an
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item from our last meeting we were unable to get to g, and w'e wanted to put the book and by sharing with the community -- book end by sharing how much work gets done. behind me is a portion of the executive staff, and we have a lot to be proud of. this is worth repeating. we have tried to maintain party it -- parks for r covers community. we have talked abouth